"Created by FFR owners, for FFR owners and enthusiast"

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Factory Five Racing was started buy a couple of car guys! They realized that a lot of other car nuts wanted a Roadster replica, but didn't want to pay $50,000 or more. So they engineered a Roadster that could be built for under $20,000 and the rest is history.

The Factory Five Racing Owners Group and Club - FFROG was created by FFR owners for the benefit of FFR owners and enthusiast.  It serves to share our excitement and love of Factory Five's products and foster a sense of community among FFR owners and enthusiasts by involving us in regional and national events and providing a common ground for communication. Furthermore, it is a resource for FFR owners, enthusiasts, and owners-to-be regarding the building and care of FFR kits and maximizing owner enjoyment of the cars.  We provide a forum for the expression of your thoughts about the FFR cars and passage of your knowledge and experience to others.